Biochemistry I: Structure/Metabolism
Summer 2020
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2:30pm - 5:15pm
Online Course
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How does life work on a molecular level? Why do we succumb to disease, and how can we create new cures? This course will explore the biochemistry of life and how this knowledge can be harnessed to create new medicines. You will learn how cells convert environmental resources into energy through metabolism, how cellular molecules function, and how to use this biochemical knowledge for drug discovery related to neurodegeneration, cancer,and the current SARS-CoV-2 COVID19 pandemic. At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to diagram the major metabolic pathways and compare how these pathways are dysregulated in normal tissues in and disease states, and to design your own drug discovery program to create therapeutic for diseases such as COVID-19. In addition, you will know what techniques are used to uncover biochemical knowledge and how to design and interpret relevant experiments. You will be capable of collaborating with other people in the analysis and interpretation of biochemical data, and be able to communicate, defend and refute interpretations of data. You will learn how to create an original research proposal in the form of a research grant application. Having completed one year of college-level biology and one year of organic chemistry will be helpful to maximally benefit from this course. This course satisfies the requirement of most medical schools for introductory biochemistry, and is suitable for advanced undergraduates, and beginning graduate students; this replaces the previous UN3501 course.

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