Cellular and Molecular Immunology
Fall 2022
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2:40pm - 3:55pm
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Prerequisites: two semesters of a rigorous, molecularly-oriented introductory biology course (such as UN2005 and UN2006), or the instructors permission. This course will cover the basic concepts underlying the mechanisms of innate and adaptive immunity, as well as key experimental methods currently used in the field. To keep it real, the course will include clinical correlates in such areas as infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer immunotherapy and transplantation. Taking this course wont turn you into an immunologist, but it may make you want to become one, as was the case for several students last year. After taking the course, you should be able to read the literature intelligently in this rapidly advancing field. SCE and TC students may register for this course, but they must first obtain the written permission of the instructor, by filling out a paper Registration Adjustment Form (Add/Drop form). The form can be downloaded at the URL below, but must be signed by the instructor and returned to the office of the registrar.

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