Genomics of Gene Regulation
Spring 2018
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2:40pm - 5:25pm
601 Fairchild Building
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Prerequisites: one year of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Courses taken at CU are recommended, but AP courses may be sufficient with the instructor's permission. This course will provide students with a quantitative understanding of the ways in which molecular interactions between nucleotides and proteins give rise to the behavior of gene regulatory networks. The key high-throughput genomics technologies for probing the cell at different levels using microarrays and next-generation sequencing will be discussed. Strategies for interpreting and integrating these data using statistics, biophysics, and genetics will be introduced. In computer exercises, student will learn the basics of the R language, and use it to perform analyses of genomics data sets. No prior computer programming experience is assumed. This highly interdisciplinary course is intended for advanced undergraduates as well as beginning graduate students in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Computer Science. Offered in previous years as CHBC W4510.

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