Past & Future of the Human Genome
Fall 2017
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2:40pm - 3:55pm
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We can now determine the genetic makeup of any person in a matter of days and at a cost already within reach for many millions of people.  For the past few years a movement has emerged to provide detailed genetic information directly to ordinary people, in some cases with the explicit aim of helping prospective parents to “eliminate preventable genetic disease” or, as one newspaper put it, to promote “genetically flawless babies.”
But our technical capacity to both interrogate and manipulate the human genome has raced far ahead of serious consideration of the societal implications of doing so.  This course will provide students with the background necessary to understand what has and will be done with the human genome and ultimately to help society formulate appropriate policies for wise stewardship of the human genome.
To help illustrate the information available in the human genome and how it may influence individuals' lives, the instructors' will share and discuss their own and other public genomes in ways both molecular and personal. 

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