Transformative Concepts in Systems Biology
Fall 2022
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2:10pm - 4:00pm
1000 Fairchild
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Systems biology approaches are rapidly transforming the technological and conceptual foundations of research across diverse areas of biomedicine. In this course we will discuss the fundamental developments in systems biology with a focus on two important dimensions: (1) the unique conceptual frameworks that have emerged to study systems-level phenomena and (2) how these approaches are revealing fundamentally new principles that govern the organization and behavior of cellular systems. Although there will be much discussion of technologies and computational approaches, the course will emphasize the conceptual contributions of the field and the big questions that lie ahead. Lectures and discussions of primary literature will enable students to scrutinize research in the field and to internalize systems biology thinking in their own research. To make this a concrete endeavor, the students will develop mini-NIH-style grant proposals that aims to study a fundamental problem/question using systems biology approaches. The students will then convene an in-class NIH-style review panel that will assess the strengths and weaknesses of these proposals. In addition, the students will have the opportunity to defend their proposals in a live presentation to the class. The course is open to graduate students in Biological Sciences. Advanced undergraduates in biological sciences, and other graduate students with background in biology from other disciplines, including physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering may also attend after consulting with the instructor.

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