Biology Postdocs & Associate-Scientists Seminar (Bi-PASS)

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April 1, 2021 - 1:00pm
Virtual Seminar - Join Over Zoom

"Genomics of bleaching response in a Great Barrier Reef coral"

Dr. Zach Fuller (Postdoc - Przeworski Lab)

Bleaching is the breakdown of the relationship between coral hosts and their photosynthetic dinoflagellate symbionts. Although recent mass bleaching events have decimated reefs worldwide, there is considerable variation in bleaching response and heat tolerance within populations. To understand how variation in bleaching response is influenced by genetic variation in the coral host, differences in symbiont composition, and the environment we took a genome-wide association based approach in the coral Acropora millepora from the Great Barrier Reef. Our work revealed a polygenic basis for bleaching tolerance in the coral host as well as a large influence of the dominant species of symbiont associated with a colony. Perhaps most exciting, these results pave the way forward to study the genomics of climate change response using corals and their symbionts.


AMA: The Transition from Postdoc to PI

Dr. Laura Duvall (Assistant Professor - Biological Sciences)

Dr. Laura Duvall started her lab in the Department of Biological Sciences in July 2019. She will give a brief presentation describing her experiences transitioning from postdoc to PI (postdoctoral experience, job market, lab startup) followed by a Q+A session open to postdocs of all levels.


Extended Q+A session on the transition from postdoc to PI with:

Dr. Laura Duvall, Dr. Maria Tosches, & Dr. Jellert Gaublomme

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We are still taking speaker nominations for future Bi-PASS events so please feel free to nominate someone - including yourself - for this new seminar series for postdocs. We are also interested in a diverse set of speakers from outside Columbia, especially those who enhance the DEI efforts to highlight members of underrepresented communities by the department, so if you know of postdocs and senior graduate students from other institutions who would be good speakers, you can nominate them too.


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