Seminar - Garry Nolan

Dr. Garry Nolan is pictured
March 6, 2023 - 12:00pm
Virtual Seminar - Join Over Zoom

Rachford and Carlota A. Harris Professor

Department of Pathology

Stanford University School of Medicine

Host: Jellert Gaublomme

Title: Pathology from the subcellular scale on up

Abstract: I will present evidence of deep internal order in immune functionality demonstrating that differentiation and immune activities have evolved with a definable “shape”.  Further, specific cellular neighborhoods of immune cells are now definable with unique abilities to affect cellular phenotypes—and these neighborhoods alter in various cancer disease states.   In addition to cancer, these shapes and neighborhoods are altered during immune action and “imprinted” during, and after, pathogen attack, traumatic injury, or auto-immune disease.  Hierarchies of functionally defined trans-cellular modules are observed that can be used for mechanistic and clinical insights in cancer and immune therapies.

Hybrid seminar. Limited in-person attendance in room 601 Fairchild. Others are encouraged to join over Zoom. Please email [email protected] for a Zoom link for this seminar.

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