Imaging from Modular Neuronal Network
June 22, 2022 - 8:00pm

In a new paper for Nature Communications, the Tomer lab has introduced their novel “brain-in-a-dish” 3D cell culture technique. 

by Brittany Bistis

Portrait-style photograph of Maria Tosches
June 13, 2022 - 9:30am

The department is pleased to congratulate Dr. Maria Tosches on being awarded the 2022 EMBL John Kendrew Young Scientist Award for “her original contributions to the field of brain evolution.”

Columbia Student Payload Opportunity with Citizen Science (SPOCS) students standing in front of the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)
June 7, 2022 - 4:30pm

An article about an amazing interdisciplinary effort driven by undergraduate students to study bacteria in space, which involved the lab of Dr. Lars Dietrich, has been published in Barnard Magazine.

Graduation announcement banner: "2022 Lavender Graduation"
May 23, 2022 - 10:30am

The Biological Sciences Department is delighted to congratulate Dr. Brent Stockwell, who has been selected as a recipient of the Dean Peter Awn Commitment to the LGBTQ Community Award.

Festive photograph of Dr. Nam Ho
May 16, 2022 - 4:00pm

This April, twenty new students joined the 2022 cohort and found their home in the Columbia Biological Sciences PhD program. I hope they’re as excited about starting this new chapter as I was when I went through recruitment five years ago.

By Paige Wilson

The 2022 winners of the Bridges and Sturtevant prize are pictured.
May 10, 2022 - 11:30am

This year's Bridges and Sturtevant Prize for most outstanding research in Biological Sciences by graduating seniors is being awarded to 3 students. Pictured from left to right: Ashley Gutierrez, Arya Rao, Tamta Arakhamia.

Portrait-style photograph of Alexander Tzagoloff
May 5, 2022 - 3:45pm

Dr. Alexander Tzagoloff recently retired after more than four fruitful decades of research and teaching in the Department of Biological Sciences. He has been a beloved mentor and professor, and his research has contributed to an understanding of the genetics and biogenesis of mitochondria. Faculty Spotlight talked with Dr. Tzagoloff about the unbearable buzzing of tape recorders, serendipity and life’s path, and his decades-long love affair with mitochondria.

Pictured here from left to right, top row: Ben Boker, Eli Gumnit, Matt Walker. Bottom row: Mason Armstrong, Monica Cramer, Matt Johnson
April 14, 2022 - 10:30am

This year's winners of the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) have been announced, and they include three Biology PhD students who were offered awards, as well as three Biology PhD students who received an Honorable Mention. 

C. elegans
December 20, 2021 - 5:30pm

A new paper from the lab of Dr. Oliver Hobert, published in the December 2 issue of Nature, offers fresh insight into the links between genes, the brain, and behavior.
By Brittany Bistis


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