Dr. Ishmail Abdus-Saboor is pictured.
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (in the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute)    
Jerome L. Greene Center, 3227 Broadway, Quad 6C                                                       
New York
Short Research Description: 

Genes and neural circuits for pain and touch behavior

Full Research Description: 

Our research focuses on a long-standing question, “how does the nervous system encode a soft gentle caress, versus an itchy mosquito bite, versus a harsh painful stimulation?” And importantly, how do encoding principles change when the baseline state changes, such as during chronic pain. To accomplish this, we use systems neuroscience, computation, genetics, and mathematics to link animal behavior with genes and neural circuits.

Representative Publications: 

Bohic M., Pattison L., Jhumka A., Rossi H., Thackray J., Ricci M., Foster W., Arnold J., Mossazghi N., Yttri E., Tischfield, M.A., Smith E.S.J., Abdus-Saboor I.*, Abraira V*. “Behavioral and nociceptor states of inflammatory pain across timescales in 2D and 3D.” bioRxiv (2021)
(* joint corresponding authors)
Toussaint A., Foster W., Jones J.M., Kaufmann S., Wachira M., Hughes R., Bongiovanni A.R., Famularo S.T., Dunham B., Schwark R., Karbalaei R., Dressler C., Bavley C.C., Fried N.T., Wimmer M., Abdus-Saboor I. “Chronic paternal morphine exposure increases sensitivity to morphine-derived antinociception.” bioRxiv (2021)
Jones J.M., Foster W., Twomey C.R., Burdge J., Ahmed O.M., Pereira T.D., Wojick J.A., Corder G., Plotkin J.B., Abdus-Saboor I. “A machine-vision approach for automated pain measurement at millisecond timescales.” eLife 9:e57258 (2020).
Abdus-Saboor I., Fried N.T., Lay M., Burdge J., Swanson K., Fischer R., Jones J., Dong P., Cai W., Guo X., Tao Y.X., Bethea J., Ma M., Dong X., Ding L., Luo W. “Development of a mouse pain scale using sub-second behavioral mapping and statistical modeling.” Cell Reports 6;28(6):1623-1634 (2019).
Olson W., Abdus-Saboor I., Cui L., Burdge J., Raabe T., Ma M., Luo W. “Sparse genetic tracing reveals regionally specific functional organization of mammalian nociceptors.” eLife 12;6:e29507 (2017).
Cui L., Miao X., Liang L., Abdus-Saboor I., Olson W., Fleming M.S., Ma M., Tao Y.X., Luo W. “Identification of early RET+ deep dorsal spinal cord interneurons in gating pain.” Neuron 91, 1–17 (2016).



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