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Office: 1313 NorthWest Corner Building, MC 2457 | Lab: 735 Mudd
New York
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Short Research Description: 
We use computational and experimental approaches to learn about the evolutionary processes shaping genome evolution and elucidate the genetic mechanisms underlying adaptations. Current work brings together aspects of molecular genetics, biochemistry, ecology, genomics and computational biology. Of particular interest to us are the factors that limit the rate of adaptive evolutionary change and the extent to which the genetic basis of organismal phenotypic diversity is predictable. We address these fundamental questions at a variety of scales, from the dissection of repeated adaptation in a single protein (Na+,K+-ATPase) to the characterization of changes in gene regulatory networks underlying phenotypes like pigmentation and morphology to inferences about processes underlying genome evolution and speciation. To these ends, my group uses model and non-model organisms including taxa as diverse as insects, fish, reptiles and amphibians and employs state-of-the-art computational and functional genomics tools, including DNA/RNA sequencing and genome editing technologies.
Representative Publications: 
Liu Y, Ramos-Womack M, Han C*, Reilly P*, LaRue-Brackett K, Rogers W, Williams TM, Andolfatto P, Stern DL, Rebeiz M. 2019. Changes throughout a genetic network mask the contribution of Hox gene evolution. Current Biology, 29:2157-2166.e6.
Taverner AM*, Yang L*, Barile ZJ, Lin B, Peng J, Pinharanda A*, Rao A*, Roland BP, Talsma AD, Wei D, Petschenka G, Palladino MJ, Andolfatto P. 2019. Adaptive substitutions underlying cardiac glycoside insensitivity in insects exhibit epistasis in vivo. eLife, 8:e48224.
Crowley-Gall A, Date P, Han C*, Rhodes N, Andolfatto P, Layne J, Rollmann S. 2016. Population differences in olfaction accompany host shift in Drosophila mojavensis.Proc. Royal. Soc. Series B.  283(1837). pii: 20161562. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2016.1562.
Schumer M, Cui R, D Powell, Rosenthal GG, Andolfatto P. 2016. Ancient hybridization and genomic stabilization in a swordtail fish. Molecular Ecology, 25:2661-2679.
Schumer M, Cui R, Rosenthal GG, Andolfatto P. 2015. Reproductive isolation of hybrid populations driven by genetic incompatibilities. PLoS Genetics, 11(3):e1005041. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1005041.
Schumer M, Cui R, Powell D, Dresner R, Rosenthal GG, Andolfatto P. 2014. High-resolution mapping reveals hundreds of genetic incompatibilities in hybridizing fish species.  Elife. Jun 4:e02535.

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