Justin Benavidez is pictured.
PhD Graduate Student
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(212) 853-6931
Short Research Description: 

Previous Institution: University of Connecticut Storrs

Full Research Description: 

Born in Connecticut and schooled there for my entire life, I developed an interest in the sciences starting at a very young age. I attended the University of Connecticut as an undecided major before pursuing my passion as a scientist and taking on a Biological Sciences degree. I received my BSc in 2013 after taking an eclectic array of courses and participating in research projects on both ends of the biological spectrum, from ecology and evolutionary biology to unicellular signal transduction. My sophomore and junior years I helped define the evolutionary origin of reptile tongue morphology, and during my senior year I studied the single-celled organism D. discoideum's motility and aggregation behavior.

At Columbia, I hope to follow both research interests into a project that bridges evolutionary theories and molecular biology. I plan to narrow down my research focus as I get settled in New York, begin courses, and work with Columbia's talented faculty.

I love to read for pleasure as well as for science, seek out new and interesting music, and of course eat delicious foods and beers in my free time. Columbia seems like an ideal focal point for my interests, personal and professional, and I am looking forward to beginning my studies.

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