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Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Biology
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General Evolution Theory, Organismic Biology 

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Organisms are the result of evolutionary history and continue to survive because of the way they interact as individuals with the demands placed on them by their external environment. My research lies in the general area of organismal and evolutionary biology, with special emphasis on functional and evolutionary morphology of the skeletomuscular system. In particular, most of my research deals with the feeding apparatus of birds. I have chosen this area because the feeding apparatus is essential to the survival of individual organisms, because great diversity exists in the feeding apparatus of birds, and because the subject is sufficiently complex to permit insights into the questions of integrated morphological systems without being overwhelmed by details. Theskeletomuscular system is analyzed using a series of mechanical approaches, including free body analysis. Special care is taken to look at all levels of organization from the fiber level to that of the whole feeding apparatus, using both reductionistic and integrative approaches. 

My evolutionary studies center on the questions of biological adaptation and major evolutionary change. Most of this work is theory development. It has been essential to include ideas from the philosophy of science, as, for example, types of explanations. Some of the work deals with particular evolutionary events such as the origin of flight in birds, including the origin of avian flight. These evolutionary studies also include systematics based on comparative morphological analyses. Most of these taxonomic studies are on higher categorical levels, namely families of birds. However, I am also involved in compiling a second edition of a list of avian species of the world that necessitates an understanding of species taxonomy and the many problems of geographical variations. 


  • BIOL W3002y - Introduction to Animal Structure and Function
  • HPSC W3201y - Philosophy & History of Evolutionary Biology
  • HPSC W3208y - Introduction to Evolutionary Biology

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Representative Publications: 

Representative Publications

  • Bock, W.J. And M.. Lein, eds. (2005) Editor (with M. Ross Lein) Ernst Mayr at 100. Ornithological Monographs,58; vii+109 pp, including a DVD “A taped interview with Ernst Mayr. [with: Ernst Mayr at 100 –A life inside and outside of Ornithology. Pp 2-16.]
  • Bock, W. J. (2004) Presidential Address: Three centuries of international ornithology. Proc. 23rd International Ornithological Congress. Acta Zoologica Sinica, 50(6): 779-855
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  • Bock, W.J. (1979) The synthetic explanation of macroevolutionary change ‑‑ a reductionist approach. Bulletin Carnegie Museum, 13:20‑69.

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