Giovanni Meacci is pictured.
Associate Research Scientist
715 Fairchild Canter, M.C. 2408
New York
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(212) 854-8002
Full Research Description: 

My research in biological physics aims to understand self-organization processes and collective behavior of biomolecules and cells using theoretical and experimental tools to build quantitative models. The specific subjects addressed during my past work concerned bacterial cell division and flagellar rotatory motor, focusing on the effects of stochastic fluctuations due to external noise or intrinsic probabilistic cellular processes. More recent is my interest in fibroblast cell motility. Motility is fundamental to many cell types and plays key roles in immune response, embryonic morphogenesis, tissue repair and regeneration, cancer progression and many other biological and medical phenomena. In Michael Sheetz's lab and in collaboration with several others groups, I combine theory, experiments, and numerical simulations, as well as physics, biology and engineering to study periodic contractions at the leading edge of spreading fibroblasts as a possible mechanism for rigidity sensing.

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