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Ph.D. Program
Prospective Students

Students in the PhD Program in Biological Sciences may join any of the laboratories listed here.  The linked page can be searched either by the name of the Faculty member (Principal Investigator: PI) or by using the side-bar menu to search within named Research Areas.

Broad Research Areas and associated Faculty in the PhD Program are listed below.

Cancer and Disease Biology
Manley, Prives, Prywes, Stockwell, Tavaré, Abate-Shen, Anastassiou, Baer, Califano, Dalla-Favera, Gu, Kousteni, Shen

Cell, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Barnhart, Bulinski, Chalfie, Dietrich, Gaublomme, Greenwald, Hazelrigg, Hobert, Jovanovic, Kalderon, Tomer, Abate-Shen, Canman, Costantini, Goff, Grueber, Johnston, Kousteni, Mann, Mendelsohn, Passegue, Shen, Struhl, Vallee, Wichterle

Computational Biology and Genomics
Andolfatto, Bussemaker, Przeworski, Sella, Tavaré, Tavazoie, Anastassiou, Califano, Paninski, I. Pe’er

Evolutionary and Population Genetics
Andolfatto, Kelley, Landweber, I. Pe’er, Przeworski, Sella, Tavaré, Tavazoie, Tosches

Genome Organization, Maintenance, and Expression
Andolfatto, Bussemaker, Chasin, Duvall, Gaublomme, Jia, Jovanovic, Landweber, Manley, Przeworski, Prives, Prywes, Basu, Gautier, Gu, Lomvardas, I. Pe’er, Rothstein, Schindler, Symington

Dietrich, Hunt, Jia, Tavazoie, Canman, Dworkin, Goff, Rothstein, Symington

Barnhart, Chalfie, Duvall, Firestein, Hobert, Kelley, Tomer, Tosches, Yang, Yuste, Axel, L. Greene, Grueber, Hen, Kandel, Lomvardas, Mann, Paninski, Shirasu-Hiza, Vallee, Wichterle, Zuker

Structural Biology, Biophysics, Chemical Biology and Biochemistry
Hunt, Sahin, Stockwell, Tong, Yang, Cornish, Frank, Gonzalez, E. Greene, Hendrickson, McDermott, Palmer

Systems Biology
Bussemaker, Gaublomme, Hobert, Hunt, Jovanovic, Landweber, Tavazoie, Tosches, Anastassiou, Califano, I. Pe’er

Program Lab locations and Department affiliations

The PhD Program is administered by the Dept. of Biological Sciences centered in the Fairchild Building of the main Columbia “Morningside” campus at 116th St. and Broadway.

All research laboratories of faculty in the Dept. of Biological Sciences are part of the Program and welcome students for rotations and thesis research.

These laboratories are almost all on the main campus (from 112th-120th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue) in the Fairchild Biological Sciences Building (Andolfatto, Barnhart, Bulinski, Bussemaker, Chalfie, Chasin, Dietrich, Duvall, Firestein, Gaublomme, Greenwald, Hazelrigg, Hobert, Hunt, Jia, Jovanovic, Kalderon, Kelley, Manley, Prives, Prywes, Przeworski, Sella, Tavazoie, Tomer, Tong, Yang), the Statistics Department (Tavare), and the Interdisciplinary Science building (Sahin, Stockwell, Tosches, Yuste). Other laboratories are a short shuttle or subway ride away at Columbia University Medical Center around 168th St. (Frank, Landweber).

The Program also includes the laboratories of many faculty in other Columbia University Departments, selected to expand and complement strengths of the home Department, and on the basis of exemplary training records. These laboratories are located in Computer Science on the main campus (Anastassiou, Pe’er), the Interdisciplinary Science building on the main campus (Cornish), Statistics on the main campus (Paninski), the Zuckerman Neuroscience Institute, ten minutes walk from the main campus (Axel, Grueber, Kandel, Lomvardas, Mann, Struhl), the Chemistry Department (Gonzalez, McDermott), and Columbia University Medical Center, for which there is free shuttle bus service and convenient subway access (Abate-Shen, Baer, Basu, Califano, Canman, Costantini, Dalla-Favera, Dworkin, Gautier, Goff, E. Greene, L. Greene, Gu, Hen, Hendrickson, Johnston, Kousteni, Mendelsohn, Palmer, Passegue, Rothstein, Schindler, Shen, Shirasu-Hiza, Symington, Vallee, Wichterle, Zuker).

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