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The seminar series bring in outside speakers who are in the forefront of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. The objective is to provide the most updated view of various subspecialties in biotechnology.This seminar series also include discussions in business, law, regulatory, and industrial-scale production which are of particular interests to the M.A. students but are rare in traditional biology seminars. Seminars are held on Wednesday afternoons in Spring semesters. See news and events for current schedules. Here is a list of past seminars.

Other Seminar Listings

So much is happening in NYC that it is impractical to try to list everything here. The list here includes those that might be of interest to our Biotech students. It is of course personally biased and is NOT a complete listing of all worthwhile seminars. Before you travel great distance for any event, check with its contact to make sure that it is not cancelled, postponed, or moved to a new location. 

Also, the bulletin board to the right of the 6th floor Fairchild elevators and next to the Biology Library holds a lot of seminar notices. 

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